109 VIP Club

109 VIP club is established by our chain membership club--FAST 109 . To become our member, what you can enjoy is differ from the general customer , getting more preference and privileges (such as member price is offered in each branch of FAST 109). We provide members with simple and convenient reservation service, The official website: www.fast109.com,reservation center: 4000-330-999, Make your trips so convenient. Join 109 VIP club immediately , experience FAST 109 as soon as possible - delighting you only by our extraordinary services

一、Membership system

•  109 VIP Platinum member

•  109 VIP Ordinary members

•  109 VIP Network members

二、109 VIP Club membership regulations

•  Citizen identification by valid domestic proof is effective ways to join 109 registered VIP club, according to relevant levels enjoy rate integral and get discount in our chain hotel --FAST 109

•  ID number is the only constant membership identification.

•  Once obtaining 109 VIP membership, lifelong effective.

•  Make reservation charge accumulation integral,the more integral the more preferential.

•  Members of integral is valid for one year from the date.

•  The membership card of the integral not be accumulated and transferred.

•  Related preferential measures to put thoughts, chain hotel website: www.fast109.com This hotel has the power of final interpretation

三、How to join us

1、109 VIP Platinum member

•  CNY 99 fee for card

•  May hold your valid identification to handle to shop

•  Members by 2000 points to the hotel front,or official website upgrades for Platinum members

2、109 VIP Ordinary members

•  CNY19 fee for card production.

•  May hold your valid identification to handle to shop

3、109 VIP Network members

•  Registration for free

•  Registering in our official website www.fast109.com

4、Customer can select his own membership species according to 109 VIP club policy.

四、109 VIP Club integral form

1、109 VIP Platinum member

109 VIP Platinum member check the FAST 109 hotel overnight room with lowest rate,each CNY 1 counts 1.5 points.

2、109 VIP Ordinary members

Ordinary members Check all hotels with FAST 109 Member Price,each CNY 1 yuan counts 1 points.

3、109 VIP Network members

No right to get points.

五、How to registrate

1、Information we need

•  Name

•  sex

•  Identification type

•  ID NO.

•  Mobile NO.

•  Birth Date:

•  Identification type is only valid for P.R;

2、Alternative information

•  Address

•  Zip Code

•  Email Address

六、Member status confirmation

•  Trough official website of hotel front desk ,member can get status confirmation by short messages or e-mail , Once getting the confirmation, you can enjoy various preferential treatment immediately

七、How to get and replace the membership card.

•  Once you charge for joining 109 VIP , you can get the membership card.

•  For the replacement:.You need to pay 10 CYN for the cost of replacement card production in any branch hotel of FAST 109

八、What’s for 109 VIP club members

1、109 VIP Platinum member

•  -12% discount of regular price

•  Have the right to check in our economic room and special price room

•  Reservation can be postponed to 8:00 pm

•  Check-out can be postponed to 2:00 pm

•  Member points for deduction rate, every 20 points counts 1 CYN, can be superimposed deductible.

•  Can get the latest information of FAST 109 chain hotel.

•  Support online community participation

2、109 VIP Ordinary members

•  -8%discount of regular price

•  Reservation can be postponed to 7:00 pm

•  Check-out can be postponed to 1:00 pm

•  Member points for deduction rate, every 20 points counts 1 CYN, can be superimposed deductible

•  Support online community participation

Welcome to join us 109 VIP club, there is more than your expectation!